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Honest and innovative architectural design


A good architect will combine a client's ideas with modern architectural practices, to produce a design which is beautiful, functional and affordable

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When the cost of relocation can often be prohibitive, the concept of extending a property can prove to be a very cost-effective way of achieving more living or commercial floor space. We regularly work with clients to explore and evaluate a range of options before committing to a final solution.

Conversions and renovations

By testing various design options we help clients to assess the viability of converting and renovating an existing space or building, where the costs of conversion can very often outweigh those associated with moving to a new location.

New builds

The prospect of working on a new-build project, whether it is a previously developed site or a ‘greenfield’ one, always gets us excited. Every site and client brief is different and each demand that we take a fresh approach to a new project. While we always look to use tried and tested construction methods, we also like to see how these can create something different for our clients.

Barn conversions

Barn conversions demand thorough and rigorous surveying to ensure that they meet current Building Regulation standards, particularly in terms of the standard of insulation and energy-efficient heating and lighting systems, while being limited to the existing envelope to a building not originally designed for human habitation. We regularly work closely with the other firms of consulting engineers, planning consultants and building trades specialists to ensure that any conversion meets these exacting standards.

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