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Planning Applications and Design & Access Statements

Planning applications [whether full / house-holder or in outline] invariably now require the collation of a huge amount of additional information to be submitted with them. We are well versed in coordinating these and compiling them into Design & Access Statements to sit alongside each application.

Feasability studies & Pre-application enquiries

The Planning System is becoming increasingly demanding and we work closely with a range of specialist consultants [including planners, engineers, ecologists, archaeologists, flooding specialists, and land surveyors] from a very early stage to ensure that what is being proposed is realistic and deliverable before the expense of preparing a planning application. This very often requires the coordination of various technical studies and the submission of a ‘Pre App’ to the relevant Local Planning Authority.

Listed buildings

We have been involved in the detailed survey of a number of listed buildings, which demand a parallel application process for Listed Building Consent as well as planning. Many buildings which are not listed, but which sit in a Conservation Area may well also require such a supplementary Conservation Area Consent

Change of use

Although some buildings may not need radical changes to perform a different use, they invariably may require a Change of Use application to authorise its new use. We have negotiated a number of these for clients particularly in relation to the conversion from holiday accommodation to permanent residential use.

Certificates of Lawful Development

Sometimes a client has to prove that they have been operating on a site or in a building for a period of time when they may not have any proof of consent. We have helped a number of clients to demonstrate how the historic use of their land or property can be proven to have existed through historic aerial photography and supporting information.

Discharge of Planning Conditions

Many applications with planning permission are now conditioned to meet certain requirements before any work can be carried out on a site or building. We have a lot of experience of negotiating the discharge of such conditions with various Planning Authorities across South Wales

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